Who am I?

Hello lovely reader! So… here it is, my awkward first blog post! I shall start by introducing myself.

I am Fiona, a freelance illustrator based in Norwich UK along with my husband, dog and two tiny dinosaurs (birds). I’ve worked both as a designer in publishing and within a design company, but since 2012 I’ve been freelancing full time. Freelancing has allowed me to work on a great variety of projects side by side, such as arts and crafts books, how to draw books, puzzle books and a whole host of maps and design & illustration work for museums and visitor sites. (Head over to www.fionagowen.co.uk to see more of that work)

Earlier this year, I finished the MA course in Children’s book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, and am currently busy working illustrating my first book.

Why a blog?

I’ve been posting snippets of my MA journey, my work and work in progress on instagram for a little while now, but wanted somewhere that I could offer a more in depth look at some of my projects. Alongside book reviews, reviews of exhibition and events, and general musings on freelance life, drawing, and some in depth look at some of the materials and processes I use.

If you like, you can subscribe to my blog to get updates about when I post.

Published by fionafogg

I am a freelance Illustrator based in Norwich UK

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