New Project – #100DaysOfDrawing

A month or so ago, a writer friend of mine started a 100 Days of Writing project. She pledged to write, no matter what, each day for 100 days and post on social media when she had done. As I saw her regular posts, I realised that I needed an incentive to get drawing each day. 

During our first module on the MA at Cambridge School of Art, our task was to fill sketchbook after sketchbook with observational drawings, trying new things, and experimenting with colour, composition and materials etc. It was brilliant. As time has gone on, I’ve fallen out of the habit of this regular observational drawing, and after several failed attempts to build it into my routine, I more or less, gave up. Excusing myself as being ‘too busy’.

Being ‘Too Busy’ too draw, when your job is an illustrator seems like a poor excuse though, and looking back through my sketchbooks from the MA, I really like some of the drawings I did when I had to do them. So, after chatting to my writer friend, I decided to rise to the challenge of a 100 Days of Drawing task. 

Now, I’m  21 days in, and while I’ve skipped a few odd days, (thanks to deadlines, and travelling). I’ve more or less kept it up. It’s getting easier to fit in and I’m enjoying it more and more so far. I’m seeing this as a long term thing – hopefully way beyond 100 days.

I took the sketchbook to Snowdonia with me last week, so spent the time documenting our journey through observational drawing. 

In the next few weeks, I’m planning to experiment a lot more with different media, formats, colours and scale etc, and hopefully each daily drawing will become a nice little part of a much larger project. I don’t (by any means) expect to produce good work each day; but for each good piece of work, there’s always a pile of rubbish anyway, and these are just as valuable, if I learn from them. 

I’ll be posting daily over on my instagram, if you want to follow my sketches. @FionaFoggDraws

Published by fionafogg

I am a freelance Illustrator based in Norwich UK

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