Summer Update & 100 Days of drawing

Summer seems to have come and gone in record time this year. Usually the summer months are fairly quiet for client work, but throughout August and September, I’ve had the busiest summer for years (over at I’ve worked on some really interesting mapping projects, for both UK and US clients, which has been great, but has left me little time to develop new children’s book work. (Or focus on our first open studios, which was a bit of a shame!).

I kept up the 100 days of Drawing for as long as I could, and really enjoyed the challenge, but it became impossible to keep up with three large client jobs, and a personal project when the deadlines started coming, so it went on hold for a while. 

Now all the big projects are in and I’m getting back into developing new ideas and artwork. I’m going to reignite my 100 days project, and see where it takes me. This time I’m going to mix up observational drawing with some collage and idea development, to keep it varied and interesting. 

After my last post, I started playing with more colour in my sketchbooks, and really enjoyed using the Neocolour II crayons in conjunction with Tombow pens and coloured pencils. 

So here I am, declaring my commitment to continue with a drawing a day from now on. I’ll even break out a fresh(Ish) sketchbook. 

Published by fionafogg

I am a freelance Illustrator based in Norwich UK

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