Summer Update & 100 Days of drawing

Summer seems to have come and gone in record time this year. Usually the summer months are fairly quiet for client work, but throughout August and September, I’ve had the busiest summer for years (over at I’ve worked on some really interesting mapping projects, for both UK and US clients, which has been great,Continue reading “Summer Update & 100 Days of drawing”

New Project – #100DaysOfDrawing

A month or so ago, a writer friend of mine started a 100 Days of Writing project. She pledged to write, no matter what, each day for 100 days and post on social media when she had done. As I saw her regular posts, I realised that I needed an incentive to get drawing eachContinue reading “New Project – #100DaysOfDrawing”

Book Review – The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I will be writing a series of book reviews, focussing primarily on non fiction books. The aim of these reviews is to take an in depth, ‘deep-dive’ look at some of the books in my collection and take a look at what makes them work.  The firstContinue reading “Book Review – The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne”

Small update and… NEW STUDIO!

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately. Since Lockdown has started to ease, and it has felt a little safer to be out in the world once more, life has become a bit busier once again.  I’ve recently sent off the final artwork for my first illustrated book (I can’t wait to show youContinue reading “Small update and… NEW STUDIO!”

Non-Fiction Nerdary… Why I love non fiction

Over the past few years, my collection of children’s books has grown a little out of hand, especially when it comes to children’s non-fiction. There have been so many beautiful examples published recently, and I just can’t resist them. Non-fiction books have had their hold on me for as long as I can remember. ItContinue reading “Non-Fiction Nerdary… Why I love non fiction”

Bologna Book Fair 2020… (Reflections on 2019)

It’s now been a year since I finished the wonderful MA course at Cambridge school of art. And what a year it’s been. It’s not been quite the year any of us had in mind.  After handing in my final projects for my MA in late December I enjoyed my first glorious work free ChristmasContinue reading “Bologna Book Fair 2020… (Reflections on 2019)”

Folktale Week 2020

November usually means the arrival of the annual #folktaleweek challenge over on Instagram. If you’re not already familiar with it, Folktale week is a week long illustration challenge, where participants are given 7x prompts in advance and over the course of a week, they post an illustration each day, in response to these prompts. It’sContinue reading “Folktale Week 2020”

Norwich Tapestry Design – Case study

Norwich Castle is an iconic landmark on the city’s skyline, but it is also one of Europes most important early Medieval castles. ‘A Royal Palace Reborn’ is an exciting, Lottery funded project that will restore the original rooms and floor levels to the castle Keep, giving visitors an opportunity to  experience a Normal Royal PalaceContinue reading “Norwich Tapestry Design – Case study”

Looking back at 2020 (& The Carmelite Prize)

2020 is a year no-one saw coming. It was a year we all had to learn to adapt to new ways of working, communicating and living out our lives. No one foresaw masks, lockdowns, panic buying (loo roll and flour…), closed pubs and extensive travel restrictions at the beginning of 2020. For me, the yearContinue reading “Looking back at 2020 (& The Carmelite Prize)”

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